GET UP TO 60% OFF OUR PROGRAMS! (Till Wednesday)

business strategy Apr 06, 2020


"I'm feeling your shift," an old client told me over the weekend. Have you noticed it too?

Badass Business Babe is SHIFTING you guys. We are making some big changes to our brand you'll see rolled out over the next couple of months.

We are taking programs down from the website and retiring courses.
Migrating to a new domain.
Changing our Instagram handle.
Spending tens of thousands on a beautiful new rebrand.
And I’m designing new digital products that are focused deeply on the inner work, and saying good by to some of my old strategy based content.

Why? Because that’s the message that’s coming through my intuition. And I trust her voice.

In honor of my own up level I want to help you on yours.

We are removing THREE powerful programs from our website this week and giving you a chance to buy them one final time for up to 60% OFF.

Hundreds of students have taken these programs and hundreds have gotten results. 

For the next three days before we take them off the site, you can get them for a crazy discount.

Here's how: 

1. Use code NEXTLEVEL on any individual program for 40% off

2. Get them all as a Next Level Bundle Together and save an additional $69 and use the same coupon code for 40% off on top of that.

WAIT! Want 60% OFF?!

 FILL OUT THIS FORM and there will be a special coupon code at the end for 60% percent off (and you'll still get the $69 discount on top of that if you get the bundle.)

** This offer expires on Wednesday, and after that, these programs will not be available for sale again.

Once you buy the program, you get lifetime access to it's content.

Enjoy this sale babes!! So excited to watch you grow!


Lauren Eliz Love 

P.S. Don't forget we have a new episode of the Business Babe Podcast coming out every Tuesday! 


Start building your dream business ASAP.