A lesson on Fear, Courage and Taking Risk

mindset mastery Jul 22, 2019

Inside our VIP Supported Membership (a subscription for spiritual women growing businesses and growing themselves) we have a special section of Vulnerable VLOG style videos...

This is a space where I show up to just share where I am at in my life and in my business. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I...


From the Archive: A lesson about hard work and hustle

mindset mastery Jul 17, 2019

I have been emotionally conditioned to think that success only comes with handwork.  I think we all have. “You get what you earn,” “The early bird gets the worm,” and all those other mottos we’ve learned. Well..  somehow along the way of becoming an adult...


My Recent Spiritual Awakening is Transforming My Business

You guys I am so excited to share this blog post with you. And my Instagram post... and the podcast that goes along with it.

ALL The things. I am excited about all the things.

If you don't know, I have recently made a big shift in my life and in my energy. Something has changed... really. I feel...


A Thought on Money Mindset and Abundance

Let’s talk about what it means to live a happy life + be successful.
Lately, this topic is coming up soooooooo much lately. Probably because I have so many new life coaching clients on my plate, and a lot of them are longing for that happiness and success they believe they can...

The Most Valuable Lessons I Learned in Austin

Oh my gosh, you guys. I have so many feelings about my most recent trip to Austin. Seriously... I feel like I changed woman.

Okay, I know I said that a BUNCH of times, but it is so true.

If you didn't read it, I did a full recap post about my girls trip to Austin with my dear friends You can...


Three of our Favorite tools for Instagram

business strategy Jul 10, 2019

Instagram is our FAVORITE platform to hang out on. No joke, we are on there every day celebrating, dancing, being silly, sharing content, and just documenting life. 

We have a TON of Instagram training inside our Business Babe Membership for anyone struggling to grow their Instagram...


PT 2 on Memberships! Creating Epic AF membership offers that sellout.

business strategy Jul 08, 2019

Hey babes! Let's talk membership sites for a hot minute. A while back, we released a blog post with tips and things we wish we knew about creating membership sites (before we got the ball rolling for our own membership.) You can have a look at our part 1 blog post here. Today, our membership...


Love Letters from Lauren: Falling Behind Rachel Hollis

The following blog post is a continuation from the Love Letter inside VIP Supported Magazine for July. To get full access to the entire Love Letter, its audio file and all the features inside The Business Babe Membership --> https://www.badassbusinessbabe.com/vip




Spiritually Intimate talks about business partnership and conscious parenting

We are keeping this blog post short and sweet because this podcast episode is SO incredibly valuable. I am so honored and so excited to feature Blair and Andrea on the Badass Business Podcast.

We brought these amazing soul sisters on the podcast because we felt called to have a deep conversation...


My amazing soul sister trip in Austin

lauren's life Jul 01, 2019

When I left this amazing trip, my first thoughts were, "I MUST document this experience on the blog."

Not because I want to brag or boast about the magical trip I just experienced, but because I never want to forget this experience. Ever.

Running a business can be incredibly lonely. We can feel...