Welcome to the Rising Sisterhood Mastermind

Are you a high vibe woman in the online space who is ready to claim her next level of business and life?


Are you dedicated to growing your business, crossing new milestones and achieving more than you ever dreamed possible?


Are you a believer in the inner work and the impact it has on your financial reality?


Are you open to adapting spiritual practices to manifest, align and stretch into the woman you always wanted to be?


Do you long for a sisterhood, and a community of women who are just as dedicated to growing their businesses and themselves as you are?

The Rising Sisterhood is the space for you.


The Rising Sisterhood Mastermind is a transformation-focused 8 month container for high performance women who are looking to expand their businesses and elevate themselves. Inside RSM we focus on inner work as we apply the Rising Business Method each month, and also hold space for strategy based support calls each month so that you can feel supported in both areas of your growth.


**This container is for women who are already making money in their business and want to stretch into a new level to create even more success.**




About the Rising Business Method

The Rising Sisterhood Mastermind was inspired by my own personal journey of expanding with my peers. 1 year ago I found my soul sisters and we started doing deep inner work together. Over the last year in our work together I have discovered the eight step Rising Business Method: A healing inner work process that has led me to the successful Thriving Business I have today. Now, for the first time ever, I am so excited to be sharing the step by step method with my mastermind students!

How it works: The RSM Container and the Rising Business Method

The Rising Business Method is an eight step process of expansion. At the start of each month you will receive video training, audio files and pdfs that speak to the step we are focused on for that month. As you apply the homework and do the work, you will also have three coaching calls every month to be fully supported on your journey! On call one we explore, crack open, and recondition ourselves around the topic of inner work. On call two we integrate, celebrate, and solidify our work and our breakthroughs. And on call three of the month we have a strategy focused call to discuss any marketing, branding or strategy based questions you have during that season of your business.

How to Qualify for RSM: 

-It is suggested that women inside this group should have already hit $5,000 monthly income or more per month in their business.

-Students must fill out an application and be personally interviewed by Lauren to qualify for a spot.

-Clients must be ready to do the inner work, show up fully and allow themselves to be seen among the community.

-If you align with the cost of the program, and you're ready to stretch your reality beyond your wildest dreams, you can fill out an application for the program!

What's included in RSM: 

-eight month sacred container with the private virtual community

-three coaching calls per month with Lauren Eliz Love

-Monthly book of study delivered right to your door.

-Monthly hypnosis related to the Rising Business Method

-eight months of video trainings, audios and pdf workbooks for the Rising Business Method

-one live in person event. Note: dates are TBD by circumstances of Covid and if the event is canceled due to covid, you will receive a ticket to attend the following year.)

"Rising Sisterhood was so much more than business strategy. Working with other female entrepreneurs I was able to get support, share resources, and gracefully transition my brand into my next level of biz and spiritual success. Lauren uses this container to pour into each woman, share all of her technical hacks and secrets, and customize the program to make sure each one receives what she needs. During this process, I was able to release all aspects of my business that aren't serving my next level of expansion, give myself permission to evolve and get radical clarity around how to move into 300k+ years while creating time freedom to be a Mom, write my book and produce a conference-all thanks to Lauren's modeling. If you're looking for loving, supportive sisterhood and growth, this is it, babe. Jump on in."


PEACE...Imagine running your empire from a place of serenity. We're going to leave the hustle behind FOR GOOD.

FREEDOM...You probably started your business because you were drawn to all of the possibilities. It's time to start living the FREEDOM life you've been dreaming of. 

SISTERHOOD...My entrepreneurship journey was lonely AF at times, this doesn't have to be your story. We're building a deep community here and you can sit with us. 

CLARITY....Ready to have a clear vision to grow your business in a beautiful way? You can wake up every day knowing where you're going and feeling aligned with what you're building.

RSM: The Month by Month Breakdown:

Click any of the months to see the step by step Rising Business Method

  1. This is the month where we heal our relationship with money and fall in love with the potential of wealth. Become a money magnet and learn how to tap into your power to receive and be financially supported. We will dive into the energetics of money and heal our relationship with wealth once and for all so that there is nothing stopping you from the transformation you crave.

What beliefs are you carrying around about your business and your success and your worth? Do you believe building a business is hard or requires a lot of time?  Do you believe that you aren’t smart enough to build an empire or perhaps you fear that the industry is “too competitive” to stretch into your expansion. Do you worry if you have too many clients you’ll be unable to serve and support everyone without getting burnt out? This is the month of the program where we deeply tap into our Universal beliefs and rewrite the stories around Business, Success, Worth, and Freedom.

Your feminine is the energy that receives money and wealth. A wounded feminine can’t commit, doubts herself, can’t focus on her business and repels wealth. In this month of the mastermind we will explore the wounded feminine and do deep healing work around this area of ourselves for our businesses.

The masculine achieves. She gets things done, crosses shit off her list and crushes her financial goals. A wounded masculine over works, burns out, gets exhausted, refreshes her website every five seconds to see how much money she is making. Are you letting the wounded masculine stress you out and burn you out in your business? This is the month where we heal all of that!

Do you know that the body can become a direct magnet for wealth? Out of alignment, our bodies can push away our success. In this month of RSM you will reactivate your embodiment to become energetically aligned with the success you desire. This is the month where we fully immerse ourselves in the identity of the successful leader we have always wanted to be.

“Money is hard to come by, money is the root of all evil, work hard and be practical.” 90% of what we know about success comes from our parents between the ages of 2 and 12. Reprogramming your relationship with success is about going back and reparenting. We will do this deep healing work together.

This is one of the most important months of the program as we cultivate the muscle that protects us. Boundaries are the fences that keep you safe and in business, there is no success without boundaries. This is the week we form deep abiding sovereign relationships with ourselves in learning to say no, delegate, raise our standards and protect our energy so that we can hold space for more wealth and abundance.

Do you believe that your success is only up to you? Or do you believe that there is an infinite amount of support from the Universe coming your way? When we believe growing our businesses is only up to us, we can get stressed out, overwhelmed and completely burnt out. But if we tap into our relationship with spirit we can easily surrender, take big leaps forward, and let the Universe show us the next steps. This is the month where we give up control and learn how to communicate with the Universe, Source, God, The Divine, Etc.

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