A safe space to grow, expand and transform into the woman you have always wanted to be. Let's make 2020 the year you manifest it all.

When women get together in a room... MAGIC happens.

And when women who are prioritizing GROWTH in their life and business get together, the results are even more AMAZING.

The Rising Sisterhood Mastermind is for the woman who is ready to be more, do more, and have more in her life and her BUSINESS.

Together we work on surrendering, stepping into our brilliance, evolving and really stretching into the woman we were always meant to be.

Together, we RISE.


I created this special sisterhood container after I manifested my own personal soul sisters and realized how truly powerful it was to surround myself with women who were on my level and growing businesses JUST like me.

The Rising Sisterhood is a combination of direct coaching, masterminding/supporting each other, and contains two in person LIVE meet ups (one in CT/NY and on in LA)

Masterminding has become THE MOST affective way for me to financially expand in my business, and I am so excited to bring that energy to you!

Next round starts: March 2020 (spots are open)



Are you ready to create the life and business of your dreams? Let's make this year the BEST year of your life!

Here's What You Get


High Level Coaching:

Lauren  is a success, transformation and business expert at helping women reach new levels of their financial and physical reality.

As a member of the Rising Sisterhood, you  get direct 1x1 access to Lauren whenever you need the opportunity to be coached, shifted, or cracked open with a private coaching call.

(Valued at $26,000)


2 Coaching Calls Per Month!

Part of being in a mastermind is holding space to support each other as we grow together. Being part of the Rising Sisterhood mastermind gives you access to 2 live coaching calls per month to get direct support EVERY step of the way. On these calls you'll get coaching, support, feedback, and an opportunity to share directly about what struggles and obstacles you are currently facing in your business. Call times will be decided by the entire group so it works for everyone.

(Valued at $27,000)

2 Luxurious Mastermind Experiences

Get ready for REAL magic to happen. Lauren has curated 2 Mastermind experiences, to expand you to new levels and have quantum shifts. Experience three days of growth, next level coaching, and playing in your freedom the way you've always wanted. Dates for LIVE events are listed in FAQ Section.

(Valued at $40,000)

"Rising Sisterhood was so much more than business strategy. Working with other female entrepreneurs I was able to get support, share resources, and gracefully transition my brand into my next level of biz and spiritual success. Lauren uses this container to pour into each woman, share all of her technical hacks and secrets, and customize the program to make sure each one receives what she needs. During this process, I was able to release all aspects of my business that aren't serving my next level of expansion, give myself permission to evolve and get radical clarity around how to move into 300k+ years while creating time freedom to be a Mom, write my book and produce a conference-all thanks to Lauren's modeling. If you're looking for loving, supportive sisterhood and growth, this is it, babe. Jump on in."


PEACE...Imagine running your empire from a place of serenity. We're going to leave the hustle behind FOR GOOD.

FREEDOM...You probably started your business because you were drawn to all of the possibilities. It's time to start living the FREEDOM life you've been dreaming of. 

SISTERHOOD...My entrepreneurship journey was lonely AF at times, this doesn't have to be your story. We're building a deep community here and you can sit with us. 

CLARITY....Ready to have a clear vision to grow your business in a beautiful way? You can wake up every day knowing where you're going and feeling aligned with what you're building.

The Rising Sisterhood Mastermind

For the woman who is ready to take her business, and her soul to the next level.

Room for Ten students only.


Frequently Asked Questions

Retreat1: CT/NY Dates TBD July/ August 

November  14,15,16 in LA.

The Mastermind is closed for enrollment.


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